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About Us

Why the Website Was Begun
Celeste Palmer, Founder and TBI Survivor

Organizational Background:

by founder Celeste Palmer

After a near-fatal car accident in 2000 resulted in total memory loss, I researched my own recovery, working with doctors and therapists at local hospitals. Peter Drucker encouraged me to share my growing network of resources by forming a support group and website. Bridging the Gap is the result.

It is a resource lifeline for brain injury survivors and their loved ones, many of whom face confusion over where to turn for therapies, legal information, hospitals, day care facilities, and other essential help. With Peter saying, "if no one else is doing it, you may have to," I started this website.

Every brain injury is different and so is every recovery! Our support groups, website and public speaking inspire, educate and encourage! Believe. Be patient. Never give up!

Mission Statement / Vision

Bridging the Gap provides a sense of community, resources, education, and student support for brain injury survivors and their loved ones. We hope to decrease the sense of isolation that often occurs after a brain injury, and to empower these individuals to move forward in their lives and achieve their goals. We accomplish this by providing support groups, student scholarships, website resources, and referrals to services. We are a nonprofit organization.

Bridging the Gap is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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