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Looking to reinvent yourself after a traumatic brain injury? We're an online lifeline and resource connector. This has been my vision ever since a young woman ran a stop sign and sent my car tumbling end-over-end.

This website allows us to share our research, resources, and stories with each other. We're glad you are here!

Weekly Meetings — In-Person and Zoom
We are thrilled to announce we are back to live, physical meetings! We also run a Zoom call for those who cannot attend in person (links below).

Christ Church Parish
1127 N. San Antonio Ave.
Ontario, California 91762

Are you on the list?
Please call Celeste at (909) 260-0980 or send her an email at You'll be added to a list to get a reminder the day before each Tuesday's meetings.

Missed the Zoom Meeting? Watch it Here!

Celeste on Zoom

If you are feeling alone, please email and include your phone number. We'll reach out!

Summertime Refresh Hello Summer - watermelon, beach umbrella, fun!

"Rejoice as summer should ... chase away sorrows by living."
— Melissa Marr

Summer gives us special times, and special challenges.

This summer I have a project: engaging my five senses. I know, I know, summer projects are notoriously hard to complete. The warm weather, basking as the bees buzz and the flowers bloom, and just a general slow-down of life can generally de-rail even the best of intentions where projects are concerned.

But my "five senses" project is perfect for just these conditions. How does it work, I hear you ask? Simple.

Take a moment, pause, and engage all five of your senses. Ask yourself,
At this moment, what can I ...
  • See?
  • Hear?
  • Smell?
  • Touch?
  • Taste?

If you're like me, you'll find there are way more things happening than you previously noticed. For instance, right now I hear an airplane ... but I also hear a mockingbird, a distant sprinkler watering my lemon tree, and my fingers typing away on my clicky keyboard!

The experience always brings me back to the most precious moment, which is this one. No time like the present, eh?

Try it, and let me know what you discover this summer!

Citrus College Awards 2021 Bridging the Gap Scholarship
Andrew Sanchez
2021 Scholarship Recipient Andrew Sanchez
We are proud to introduce the latest recipient of the Bridging the Gap Scholarship — Mr. Andrew Sanchez! This is our ninth year of providing scholarships to veterans and other deserving Citrus College students

Andrew spent 5 years in the US Army, one year of which was spent in a combat zone in Baghdad, Iraq. His experiences were full of harsh challenges to face and overcome. Transitioning to life as a college student means that he now has to face a whole series of new challenges: to adapt to the familiar-yet-different environment of life back home, and to also address the PTSD that came as a result of his war-zone experiences.

Andrew partnered with mental health professionals through the Veterans' Administration, and realized school could be a part of moving forward with his life goals. He is pursuing a career in Public Works Administration at Citrus College, and now he has a scholarship to help him make it happen.

Congratulations, Andrew! We're thrilled to be a part of your future goals!

Special Insight Into "The New Normal"
With COVID-19, people struggle to process "the new normal" when life keeps throwing them curve balls. The TBI community may be better prepared for the "new normal" than the average person. We understand how constant re-adjustment can challenge our memory, mood, and decision-making ability.

We have learned coping strategies such as meditation and distraction to calm the brain during times like these. Our Stories page has lots of inspiration, and Celeste's Holiday Happiness video contains steps to help you get your groove back.

You're Invited

You are not alone. We're there for each other. As our videos show, our support groups are tremendously helpful in allowing us to hear what works for others, and also to discuss the things that are difficult.

We cover current topics about brain injury, cutting-edge research about concussion and stroke, and we discuss what's currently available to us in our recovery. We address the issues of survivors, caregivers, family, and friends.

Our monthly meetings at Claremont Place are currently canceled due to Coronavirus concerns. We normally meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm. It's free. We'd love to meet you when the schedule returns to normal, so please check back for updates as the situation improves.

If you are feeling alone, please email and include your phone number. We'll reach out!


Crash Support Network Logo Celeste's Story in Crash Support Network Newsletter Looking for more connections with the TBI community? Dawne McKay's website is Crash Support Network, and she publishes a quarterly newsletter called "Sharing Our Recovery." Both are full of stories about survivors as well as helpful resources. Her Spring 2020 newsletter features an article about our own Celeste Palmer!
Read the PDF newsletter
Visit the website

TBI and Visual Consequences Podcast — August, 2018
Celeste Palmer Celeste was a guest on neuro-optometrist Dr. Doug Stephey's "Move, Look, and Listen" podcast, with host Tim Edwards. This audio is a mind-boggling "look" at how the brain and vision interact in so many fundamental ways.

Gentle Intro to TBI: Celeste on the Radio — July 26, 2018
Terry Smith's radio show screenshot Our own Celeste was a guest on Brain Injury Radio with Terry Smith! She gave a wonderful introduction to the world of traumatic brain injury, shared her personal experiences, and offered some great tips on how to venture forward and find help. (Note: Celeste's segment runs from 19:40 to 56:48 minutes)
Listen on Terry's Website

Chicken Soup for the Soul - Book Cover Inspiration for Recovery in 101 Doses
Celeste is honored to be one of the 101 people who were asked to share their brain injury journeys in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries: 101 Stories of Hope, Healing, and Hard Work.

Our Resources page contains many listings we have found helpful. From medical centers to massage, in-home care to brain boosting techniques, please make use of these great opportunities. Email Us if you have a resource to share with others!

Corner scrollwork art
3 Event Series
The recent birth of three new branches in our Bridging the Gap tree of events means there are lots more ways to connect with each other! Check out our exciting new offerings ...
Click any section to learn more
  • Artists' Studio
    Gigi helps us get creative and use art as therapy
  • Health & Wellness
    Jeannette gets us moving and learning about our bodies and brains
  • Helpers' Corner
    Cisco, Michelle, Christian, and Eric give comfort and help us expand our horizons with poetry, film, books, and meditation

Welcome from Celeste Palmer
Founder and TBI Survivor

Neuro-optometrist Dr. Doug Stephey shows us how the brain and eyes work together
Neuro-optometrist Dr. Doug Stephey Video
How the brain and eyes work together

To the future!
Holiday Happiness Strategies Video
Tips for keeping spirits bright all year long

Dr. Martin McLeod speaks at our meeting
Chiropractor Dr. Martin McLeod Video on Successful Living
This dynamic speaker makes sense of getting to know your body and emotions, how doctors and patients should communicate, and how diet can be the key to everything.

Krista Von Stetten during her video interview
Our Stories - Video Edition!
Catch up with us live on video.

My Happiness Project Video
Celeste speaks about our pursuit of happiness

Celeste and Judith at booksigning event
Celeste's Journey Video
Sharing her adventures at a booksigning event

Donations Welcome!
Your kind donation makes
sharing our resources possible!

Tax ID #: 27-1690965

We appreciate our business donors so very much!
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... and to all the people who give to help us. You allow us to continue the tradition of scholarships to Veterans who are students at Citrus College. You also expand our reach to find and provide resources, education, and advocacy for survivors' families and friends — our gratitude is endless!

If you would like to contribute to the Susan Reis Carroll Memorial, please make a note of it in your donation. Susan was a TBI survivor and a member of our community.

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Our Gang at a recent meeting
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