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Jeannette Lanterman is a health and wellness navigator who has trained in Vedic Meditation at the TM Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. She also studied to be a Health and Nutrition Practitioner through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She received her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga West in Los Angeles under Guru Singh.

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Health & Wellness Classes
Hosted by Jeannette Lanterman
The Zoom link below takes you to whichever meeting is active at that time.
Plant Based Nutrition:

1st Thursdays from 12:00-1:00pm PST

Kundalini Chair Yoga:

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 8:30-9:00am PST

Zoom Link:
Vedic TM Meditation
Hosted by Jeannette Lanterman

For access to Meditation classes, please contact Jeannette at to schedule your one-on-one Vedic TM Meditation training.

This one-on-one training will walk you through the Meditation practice, the science behind Vedic Meditation, and provide you with your mantra in order to effectively do the practice. One-on-one trainings typically take 40 minutes: 20 minutes to learn about the practice, and a 20-minute session.

This one-on-one training must be done prior to receiving access to the Zoom group meditation rooms.
Jeannette Lanterman
Jeannette Lanterman
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